Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are split into two sections; please select if you want the FAQs for Customers or Dealers below.

Why order from TyreScope?

Tyre dealers in your area are competing for your custom, TyreScope brings you the best live quotes from the best of those dealers, and you are sure to find extra value deals when dealers are selling their clearance stock.

TyreScope is a Free service saving you time and hassle, the best deals don’t last forever though so Grab A deal NOW.

How do I grab a local deal?

Enter your tyre size and postcode on the home page. You will see live quotes from the best Tyre dealers in your area, when you see the best deal for you simply click “Grab a Deal”

Then fill out your name and contact information and click the submit. The dealer will then contact you to confirm the deal and arrange the most convenient time for you to have your tyres fitted.

When do I pay for my Tyres?

You will only pay for your tyres at the Tyre Dealers premises following fitting; no payment or credit card details will be taken online.

What is the Tyre auction?

If you require 4 or Tyres, the Tyre dealers will offer extra discounts, simply enter your requirements and the date you require them by and wait for the Tyre dealers to send you their best quotes.

When you are happy you have the best deal, the Tyre dealer will contact you to confirm the deal and arrange the most convenient time for you to have your tyres fitted

What happens if I miss the deal and the Tyres are no longer in stock?

If this exact tyre and price and tyre cannot be supplied by the dealer, they will offer you their closest available alternative tyre and endeavour to match or beat the first price quoted. In any event, you are under no obligation to buy.

My postcode is not recognised?

Sometimes newer addresses are not recognised by the post office data base, please try and enter only first three digits of your postcode, a map appears next to the search results to help you chose the closest dealer.

Who are TyreScope?

TyreScope is a fully independent online marketing and sales solutions provider, it was formed with one goal, to generate sales and leads to independent tyre dealers throughout the UK.

Why are Tyrescope giving away FREE Websites?

Tyrescope was created to give smaller independent garages and Tyre shops the tools to compete with the “big boys” of the industry, and a FREE website is a perfect risk-free introduction to the online market. If it works for you, then maybe you can try one of our unbeatable value upgrades that you can add or cancel at any time.

Is it genuinely FREE?

Yes, the website is 100% FREE

I don’t sell many tyres is a free website worth my time?

100% it’s worth it for your business.

In the UK there are over 10 times more web searches a month looking for tyres than MOT’s, (1,000,000 v 100,000).

Nearly £2 billion pounds of revenue is generated by garages offering Tyres online, and £millions more is earned by businesses cross selling their Garage services to Tyre customers. We capitalise on this fact by focussing our optimisation on Tyres.

Online tyre customers have zero loyalty, if you don’t list the Tyre they are looking for, they will leave your site and never return. A TyreScope website is developed to hook those disloyal Tyre customers and get them into your garage so you can sell them your services and MOT’s. Customers who are happy and trust a MOT and servicing provider will always come back.

I don’t sell tyres, will my MOT Station benefit from a TyreScope FREE website?

Absolutely Yes. A FREE Tyrescope website is developed for non-Tyre Garages to offer instant quotes for all their services.

I’m already busy enough, why do I need a FREE TyreScope Website?

Its great you have plenty of customers. A FREE TyreScope website will further enhance your excellent customer service, as these days customers expect you to be online, and a choice of NEW customers must be worth the 15 minutes it takes to sign up?

If I have FREE website from Tyrescope, do I need any other online marketing?

We provide everything you need to grab and increase your share of the online market. However, If you have a Facebook or any other social media account, it’s a good idea to link it to your TyreScope website. The more visits to your site, the more leads, customers and profit you will enjoy.

Can I advertise MOT’s?

Yes, the system makes it extremely easy to advertise all your garage services

Can customers book online?

Customers request a product or service through your FREE website, all you have to do is service that customer and keep them returning.

Can I upload my own Tyres?

Yes. TyreScope makes it easy for you to upload unlimited tyres.

Can I upload Part Worn Tyres?

Please contact us if you require to upload part worn tyres to the website.

Can I set my own prices?

Yes, you are in complete control of pricing, you will have a simple to use price setting tool within your admin area.

What Tyres are preloaded on the website?

We preload a regularly updated product catalogue consisting of over 10,000 tyres and many different brands, if a brand is not included in the pre-loaded file, you can easily upload it yourself.

Can I choose which Tyre brands to advertise?

Yes, you can control the Tyre brands advertised on your FREE website through your Dashboard.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, if you own your own domain name, we can configure your FREE website to use it, this is an upgrade and a small charge will apply.

Can I customise my FREE website?

Yes, all websites are fully customisable from the admin area. You can add images, logo’s, videos, Banners, content, and create new pages easily and quickly. You can also change colour schemes and themes through the admin area.

Do I have to source tyres sold on the website through TyreScope?

No, TyreScope sends you the leads and you can source the tyres from any supplier you choose?

How do I know if people are visiting my website?

You will begin to receive web bookings through the website admin area, and notice an increase in calls, and the first thing you see in the admin area is a chart showing you every interaction with your website.

How will I know if a customer has requested one of my tyres?

You will be notified by email and All inquiries will show in your website admin area.

Can customers pay online?

No, we can add a payment gateway as an upgrade, however only 7% of customers buy tyres online, but up to 80% of customers start the purchase process online. If a customer gets a good first impression of a company 70% buy from the first businesses that tries to sell to them, we concentrate on getting your business in front of customers and looking great at the start of the purchase process.

I already have a website, how would another one benefit me?

There are lots of ways a FREE Tyrescope website will generate new leads and benefit your business, we have included many unique features:

You can link to your FREE TyreScope website and make your existing website eCommerce.

The Tyrescope dashboard provides you with Tyre pricing comparisons from UK online retailers.

The main feeder website will be the biggest backlink provider to tyre sellers in the industry providing links directly to you existing site, which is invaluable for SEO.

You can easily choose to link just the Tyre search pages of your Tyrescope website to your existing website to instantly make it ecommerce

Your Tyrescope website will be coded to optimise for your local market, Google algorithms prioritise local independent websites that provide a valuable service to local visitors and can be linked to your existing website.

And don’t forget its FREE with NO Risk.

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